About Us

Imagination is our power

I am Amit Dhupe associated with Stock exchange from past many years. I have established ‘ Swapnapurti Asset Management Company”with a sole aim of connecting commoners to the stock exchange. We, at swapnapurti - believe in converting your savings into Assets which will yield surplus benefits in Future.

People normally find it safer to keep their savings as fixed deposits in bank. But there is way beyond this traditional thinking methodology. With proper content knowledge of trading process you can now earn more out of your savings. With the advent of Investing in stock exchange, this concept is gaining popularity. It is a safe to Invest with stock exchange without getting physically involved in the process. Only the requirement is skill and technical knowhow of the trading process, which we are committed to fulfill for you. We are committed to you for achieving your financial goals in life. We make smart investment choices with your money to get maximum returns.

We use our experts who have immense knowledge and skill required to invest for you. We invest your amount and reap profits out for you. We wish more Investors to come forward and join the process. This shall not only increase the profits to you but also contribute to the development of the society and Nation as well. Also from the point of view of financial security, COVID-19 has proved that we need to plan and invest as much as we can, in order to get out of the dilemma of shortage of funds. We need to broaden our perspective of Investment to achieve greater heights in life.

Lets us join hands to plan & reach our financial gains in life.

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